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Technical Overview

CAC-H2 is H2Gro’s technology partner and has a global reputation for developing state-of-the-art green hydrogen, green ammonia, and low carbon future fuel energy plants across the world.

With over 30 years’ experience, CAC-H2 is the perfect partner to develop the capabilities for reliable, locally manufactured green urea fertiliser to combat global shortages.


  • Due Diligence: CAC-H2 will conduct the initial feasibility study to provide H2Gro with a platform to produce large volumes of green urea.
  • Feedstock: Biomass such as sandalwood, eucalyptus plantations, cereal straw, and hardwood/softwood residues are being considered for potential feedstocks.
  • Process technology: Next-generation gasification produces high-temperature ultra-clean syngas which will be converted to hydrogen, then further converted to ammonia and ultimately urea.
  • Unit sizing: Production lines consist of modular sections that can be added as input volumes increase. Each modular section aims to produce 12,000 tonnes per annum of fertiliser.
  • Output: The total anticipated production is aiming to produce up to 150,000 tonnes of green urea fertiliser per annum along with revenue-generating by-products including biochar, wood vinegar, carbon credits, and renewable electrical power.
  • Energy Efficiency: CAC-H2’s unique process uses 1/5th the energy needed to produce one tonne of urea compared to conventional methods.
  • Carbon Impact: Utilising wood waste or other biomass streams allows the company to generate carbon credits from offsets, as well as atmospheric removal credits which can be traded on major exchanges in Europe.

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